Boats for Sale

Under the Orca Boats brand name through Orca Canoes & Kayaks Ltd., I have produced hand crafted wooden kayaks, wood strip  canoes and small row boats for discerning customers around the world.  With a tasteful eye to aesthetics and creative use of  common softwoods and exotic hardwoods, each craft is a unique work of art.
Any person who wishes to acquire a custom hand crafted  wooden canoe or kayak fully appreciates the skill, time and effort it takes to complete a craft of this caliber.
Below are some  of the boats that are either for sale or have previously sold as demo models at reduced pricing.  If you want to inquire about these  boats or the possibility of having one built for you Contact me.

For Sale

Currently, there is only one boat for sale in the shop.
Otonabee Canvas Canoe – made by the Peterborough Canoe company between 1940 and 1960 (exact date unknown).  16 ft and fully restored four years ago with only mild use since then.  The canoe was completely stripped of the old varnish, repaired all rot then added new inwales, outwales, keel and outer stem.  Light blue in colour.  New seats.



Previously Sold Boats
Prospector canoe 16 ft. long.

16 ft. Prospector Canoe


lunadeck  SOLD
Springerdeck  SOLD
Hyakdeck  SOLD
prospector   Designed after the classic Prospector canoe, this one is 16 ft. long.  All its trim is solid walnut with the feature strip made up of walnut and yellow cedar.  With lots of capacity and payload, this canoe is a perfect all around family pleasure craft.  SOLD


4 comments on “Boats for Sale

  1. Garry chalk says:

    Hi I am thinking of restoring a twelve foot glass davidson sail dingy . It looks like it will cost about three thousand dollars to finish the wood work. Is it worth it? I don’t know how much these boards are worth. It I would like to sail it. It has been left un sailed for about fifteen years.

    • Rod Tait says:

      Last Davidson that I did which was new gunwales, deck, and some knees did not coast that much, but maybe yours needs more. The name Davidson holds some value, especially around the Vancouver area as that is where they were made. It will always depend on how much sentimental value the boat has for you and how much you are wiling to spend.

  2. Wayne Greenwood says:

    I removed all the glass and epoxy on my 18 ft kayak due to cracking, any estimate on reglassing?

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