Kayak Videos

Over the past few years, I have been taking video footage of kayak building  and as time permits, I have been putting together some clips of the various stages, steps and processes as outlined in my building manual.  The videos will help to make your building experience easier and may help to reduce some of the apprehension for first time builders.  Videos are of different kayaks in various stages of building.

Orca Boats Home page

Cutting cedar strips

Cutting kayak forms

Setting up kayak forms

Adapting the end forms for inside and outside stems

Making inside and outside stems

Attaching kayak end forms

Shaping inside stems

Stripping kayak hull

Adding cheater strips

Cutting center Line

Filling second half of hull

Closing hull – last piece

Installing/shaping outer stems

Fairing the Hull

Fiber Glassing the Hull

Last Piece in Deck

Building Coaming Recess

Fiber Glassing the Deck – outside

Removing Deck from Mold

Glassing the deck – inside

Building Flush Hatches Part 1

Building Flush Hatches Part 2

Building the Coaming Riser

Glassing the Coaming Riser

Building the Coaming Lip

Making/Installing recessed fittings

Fairing the hull – inside

Glassing Hull – inside

Taping deck to Hull

Glassing inside seam

Glassing outside seam

Installing Bulkheads

Sanding for Varnish

Varnishing a Kayak

Installing Foot Pedals

Installing Deck and Hatch Hardware

Making a kayak Seat

Minor repair due to tear out during fairing

Installing SeaLect rudder with Toe control

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