Paddleboard Videos

This paddleboard is called the Clearwater and is designed by Randy Borgadus of but was purchased as a kit from by a customer for me to build.

Setting up the Forms

Planking the hull

Sanding/Fairing the Hull

Building the Deck

Building the Coaming

Adding the End Blocks

Fiberglassing the Board

Adding the Fin Box

Adding the Fin Box using router

Sanding and Varnishing



3 comments on “Paddleboard Videos

  1. jochem says:

    Excellent videos. I am building a wooden sup and had a question regarding varnishing; when do you turn the board around and do the underside or do you mask it off and have a seam?

    • Rod Tait says:

      When varnishing, I am able to wet sand and blend in deck and hull coats with the foam roller and brush. I think that if you mask off, you will have a more definite line.

  2. john hennessy says:

    Just simply want to say thanks for the good videos…

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