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4 comments on “Orca Boats Site

  1. Phil Eves says:

    Did you ever complerte the double plans, or get someone to build one.thanks in advance, Phil Eves

    • Rod Tait says:

      There are several people who have built my double kayak named K’Yosha as prototypes with no concerns or complaints and I am working on one myself right now. Once finished and tested, then plans will become available to the public. Probably next spring.

  2. Samantha Lewis says:

    Hi I just bought a Loki kayak and I am having no luck at finding anything about it. The logo Loki is still visible inside as well as Small Boats Kayaks, Paddles and canoes. Custom Craftmanship. I googled this and got you! 😁 Could you please help me. I do believe the address is London ON. The phone number no longer exists and I can’t make out the Administration. Thank you. Sam

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